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Django,Tensor flow

Django is a ready to go framework for designing and developing web products and applications. Stability proven, rapid application development methodology of Django has been time and crowd tested innumerable times. Myriad of business domains such as Financial platforms, B2B CRM systems ( for handling communication between businesses), CRM systems( for internet data), high load booking engines, real estate property evaluation system, document management systems, Android and iOS apps that support web applications have leveraged Django based framework to level up their utility.

At TECHNOSYS, we design Django based products which has one of the best out-of-the-box security system, with capacity to handle large volumes of data, user interactions, capable of dealing with complex functions and technologies like Machine Learning.

Tensor flow had been proven as a giant leap when it comes to developing AI/Machine learning based applications for commercial purposes, especially in predictive analysis. This helps businesses to maximize customer engagement, enlarging profit scopes, simplifying operations and delivery. The most impressive feature of tensor-based applications lie in its capacity to bring, “Technology to front end”- that is it can interpret real world information, data, and objects at your business area from within a web browser or mobile app interface, using audio visual receptors.

TECHNOSYS makes use of the predictive analysis feature of Tensor flow to make analytics applications in sectors such as healthcare, food industry, travel, transportation, banking, agriculture or even education-based businesses. Level up in your business arena with this 20th century revolution!

Django,Tensor flow

  • Providing you with out-of-the-box security system
  • Ability to handle large volumes of data
  • Effective user interactions
  • Solutions that are capable of dealing with complex functions
  • Helps with predictive analytics
  • Maximising customer engagements
  • Increasing profits
  • Simplifying operations