Software development, design, coding, deployment

Graph-based algorithms, cloud-based services,
machine learning algorithms

Graph Based Algorithms

  • Providing graph based algorithms solutions to enhance convenience business operations
  • Cloud infrastructure services, facilitating integration, interoperability and cost optimization
  • Offering machine learning algorithms to increase productivity and automate processes / operations

Cloud Services

  • Migration to the Cloud
  • Cloud Infrastructure Migration
  • Cloud Network Migration
  • ERP Data Migration
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • G-Suite
Graph Based Algorithm

Graph Based Algorithm

Graph algorithms are used to identify patterns and relationships between objects on a network. These algorithms make use of path recognition, centrality identification and graph characteristics, which are useful in a variety of applications in today’s world of digital business. TECHNOSYS technology enables execution of graph analytics across large volume of data to recognize patterns to enhance convenience in business operations.

Cloud Based Services

Cloud Based Services

TECHNOSYS is an end to end service provider for all your cloud computing needs. We are pioneers in multi-cloud hybrid solutions. We offer cloud infrastructure services, facilitating integration, interoperability, cost optimization and flexibility in cloud storage systems. The platform where your application runs such as third party hosted or co-located cloud doesn’t matter. At TECHNOSYS, we provide a single service provider that not only delivers all these IT infrastructure options at a single place but also seamlessly scale and migrate your applications at ease.

Machine Learning Algorithms

Machine Learning Algorithms

Experts at TECHNOSYS design and develop complex yet highly beneficial ML algorithms suiting businesses to, increase productivity, automate tasks by integrating these algorithms with existing processes, helping businesses manage the complete system. The application of these ML algorithms can solve demands such as Dynamic pricing based on target customer, customer Churn modeling, customer lifetime value modeling, Customer segmentation, image classification, Recommendation engines, etc.