Software development, design, coding, deployment

Machine Learning

New generation equipment manufacturers, superimpose technology and data analysis for efficient process control. Data collected though Internet of Things, sensors, machines, on a day to day basis can be utilized to optimize business outcomes. However, incorporating machine learning solutions like customer analytics, predictive analytics into your business is challenging.

The TECHNOSYS machine learning team supports companies in defining their analytics road map and develops a clear-cut strategy. Our assistance will be provided throughout data processing, starting from understanding complex data problems, building a suitable prototype for ML deployment, etc.

The generated ML models utilize the existing machine data for predicting outcomes, behaviors, and trends, to get hold of forecasts, detecting failures and identifying faults in constructions, etc. We make use of Data science, Data modeling, Data engineering, ML, etc. to understand business data, analyze them, optimize to navigate through complex data challenges, which plays a key role in building great businesses.

Machine Learning

  • Develop strategy to implement machine learning
  • Analysing data processing and complex data problems
  • Develop prototype for machine learning specifics
  • Predicting outcomes, behaviours, trends
  • Forecasting, detecting failures and identifying faults in construction
  • Data modelling, data engineering